October 1917 Revolution

Katie Mortley
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History (Mr Edmunds) Mind Map on October 1917 Revolution, created by Katie Mortley on 04/17/2013.

Katie Mortley
Created by Katie Mortley over 6 years ago
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October 1917 Revolution
1 Bolsheviks
1.1 Had 250,000 members
1.2 Were producing 41 newspapers across Russia
1.3 Recruited 10,000 elite ‘Red Guards’ in Petrograd’s factories – given guns by Kerensky during the Kornilov Affair
1.4 Popularity at an all time high
2 Provisional Government failed to tackle the most pressing issues: food shortages, inflation, land questions and the continuation of the War
3 Little support for the Provisional Government in Petrograd
4 A virtually bloodless affair
5 The elections for the Constituent Assembly would take place on 12th November 1917
6 Kornilov Affair made the Provisional Government look weak and dependent on the strong Bolsheviks
7 Timed their seizure of power very cleverly
8 Claimed that they were acting on behalf of the Soviet
9 Kerensky knew that the Bolsheviks were planning some kind of takeover but did not act decisively
10 Praise for smooth execution - Trotsky
11 Did not act on behalf of the Soviets like they said that they would
12 Kerensky tried to shut down 2 Bolshevik newspapers – excuse to act
13 Takeover organised with great efficiency
14 As a result of the Kornilov Affair, the Bolsheviks were given weapons by the PG necessary to launch a successful armed uprising
15 26th October – Lenin announced that the Provisional Government had been overthrown
16 Last attempt of the Provisional Government to regain control of Russia
17 30th October – a large but disorganised force of Red Guards defeated a Cossack attack at Pulkovo Heights, just outside Petrograd
18 28th October – Cossack troops advanced on the city
19 10th October – Lenin leaves his hiding place to travel to Petrgrad
20 Officer Cadets, loyal to the Provisional Government, attempted an uprising within the city – put down by the Red Guards
21 Kerensky able to win some support from some army units outside the Capital

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