The Hungarian Rising

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Created by KittyG-S over 6 years ago
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The Hungarian Rising
1 Stalin dies (1953)
1.1 Khrushchev in power
1.1.1 Rakosi is too much like Stalin - too hard-line Nagy is put in Rakosi's place (a nicer guy) Rakosi seized power again (1955) Hungarians don't like this (standards) = REBELLION Street fighting for 5 days Stalin's statue pulled down and dragged through streets and rebel prisoners released Rakosi must resign Soviet tanks moved in Nagy Prime Minister Soviets withdraw their tanks Nagy suggests removal from Warsaw Pact and becoming neutral in the Cold War Soviet troops re-enter November 1st Took control of the radio stations so the Hungarian rebels couldn't organise themselves to fight Soviets won Set up a new pro-Soviet government under Kadar Nagy shot Hungarians firmly under Soviet control

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