Novice/Neuling Longsword

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Novice/Neuling Longsword
1 fundamental elements of the fight
1.1 Distance
1.1.1 measure in measure


  • you can be struck out of measure


  • cannot be struck without a step close measure


  • wrestling or grappling range danger zone: entering measure
1.1.2 How close? close enough to exploit opponent's mistakes Safe defensive distance
1.2 Time
1.2.1 vor
1.2.2 nach
1.3 Line
1.3.1 control the line as you enter measure Your sword is your shield support with stepping striking directly; sword stays central you move around it; pivoting As the blades cross poor structure causes compensation vulnerable gives openings good structure maintains space finds openings creates threat
1.4 Initiative
1.4.1 indes
1.4.2 gleich
2 Atomic skills
2.1 Cuts
2.1.1 High
2.1.2 4 Lines
2.2 Steps
2.3 Guards
2.4 Parries
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