Spanish and Portuguese conquest and trade

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Spanish and Portuguese conquest and trade
1 European Colonisation/exploration
1.1 Spanish
1.1.1 Spanish territories Panama (Cueva) Cuba (Taino, or Arawak, Indians) Mexico (Aztec Empire) Peru (Inca Empire)
1.2 Portuguese
1.2.1 Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460) "Commerce and Conversion" Revived interest in the Gold trade Expansion into Africa- capture of Ceuta
1.2.2 Rapid Commercial Expansion (West coast of Africa) Portuguese sailors reach Guinea Set up sugar plantations in Sao Tome Slave trade continues: exceeds importance of the even the gold trade in 1530 Spice Trade Booms Largest European share in spice trade from 1520 "Spice Race" with Spain over the spice trade and economic benefits
1.2.3 Portuguese Territories Brazil West coast of Africa Much of East Coast Africa Parts of Arabian Peninsula Goa and much of India's West Coast Malacca
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