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Garden City Competition
  1. Info Document
      1. READ ME
        1. How to win…..
          1. 'How would you deliver a new Garden City which is visionary, economically viable, and popular?'
            1. Vision
              1. How Quality of Life is improved/ And How cost of living will be affected
                1. Talk about socially restorative places?
                  1. Can this link with Claudia's / Shiyang's Disertations??
                2. How proposal will improve quality of urban life
                  1. Expand / Explain the concept master plans we created, which will cover Public Spaces, Transport networks and infrastructure in the 'new city'
                    1. Green infrastructure
                      1. How they connect on a wider scale
                        1. Benefits they provide
                          1. Climate change, flood risk, water management, food supply, efficient / renewable energy, creating comfortable and attractive places to live
                    2. How and why garden cities are the cure (or one of the cures) to the UK housing crisis
                      1. Create a design language
                        1. Create Definitions
                        2. create a design language, create some definitions
                          1. Claudia: green city use biophilic city model
                            1. Benfits: health, economy, climate change, heat island effect
                            2. Compact city
                              1. Intelligent transport
                                1. water management: suds, recycle grey water, promote compost (dry toilets), create composting sites (money income)
                                2. Economic
                                  1. How to Fund Project
                                    1. Innovative funding / financing
                                      1. Imaginative proposals for governace
                                        1. How body developing and governing city will evolve with city and meet needs
                                          1. How city governance should relate to other governance structures in area.
                                            1. Compact city
                                              1. that surround a more dominant compact city
                                              2. How can this proposal alleviate the housing crisis in the UK? This is in response to the housing crisis, so we should address this issue and how we think our economic model will help with it.
                                                1. "Less than one in ten properties in many parts of the UK are affordable to single house-buyers, according to the homeless charity Shelter. " -Once we make this garden city, how will we make it affordable to everyone?
                                                  1. restoring confidence in the housing market. invest in affordable housing, improve mortgage lending, regulate private rental sector, ensuring a mixed programme of urban regeneration and new settlements
                                                    1. strong central government leadership
                                                      1. adequate funding mechanism for 'new' settlements (one that captures land values)
                                                        1. building are of a high standard of design and sustainability
                                                  2. The Barker Review’s final report set out a range of policy recommendations for improving the functioning of the housing market:[29] Government should set out a goal for improved market affordability; additional investment to deliver additional social housing; ++++++++a Planning-gain Supplement to ensure that local communities share in the value of development;++++++++ a Regional Planning Executive to provide advice on the scale and distribution of housing required; allocation of additional land in Local Development Frameworks; a Community Infrastructure Fund to help to unlock barriers to development; and Local authorities should be allowed to “keep” the council tax receipts from new housing developments for a period of time.
                                                    1. I think the Community Infrastructure Fund would count as public money.
                                                    2. "Nine million potential buyers are renting homes, often at outrageous cost; evictions are up and, if current building rates continue, Britain will have two million too few homes by 2020."
                                                  3. Urban risk diagnostics - Plan for future
                                                    1. Cities should predict environmental risk they face
                                                      1. capacity to act
                                                        1. scale
                                                          1. pace of change
                                                            1. physical geography
                                                  4. Community lead
                                                    1. different roles
                                                      1. the patron - holder of the vision
                                                        1. the promoter - short term
                                                          1. the partners vested long term interest
                                                    2. need money for renovation
                                                      1. Patient investment
                                                        1. Garden cities took a long time to make money
                                                          1. focus on long term gain
                                                        2. RADICAL IDEA
                                                          1. We don't need new funding as we are retrofitting, adapting, reconditioning, recycling / up cycling existing built form and shaping into a modern day garden city
                                                            1. Sorry I still think we need a viable funding option.
                                                              1. Agreed, retrofitting, adapting, reconditioning, recycling all costs a lot of money and we deffinitely will need funding! We need a case study which shows where funding came from for retrofitting dwellings.
                                                                1. Found a few of these; they talk about non-profit developers, investments, developers financial incentives, community groups, realtors, business improvement associations, media, contractors, property managers, government lax on codes and tax
                                                            2. Aimee
                                                              1. economics of reusing existing housing, retrofitting and adding on to it and making it better by rearranging the internal parts, adding on balconies and improving the surrounding landscape. I could perhaps find some case studies such as Park Hill flats and see if they have been an economic success compared to demolition and building from scratch?
                                                              2. offer incentives the new homes bonus for local planning authorities, CIL, and neighbourhood planning for local people. Pat Willoughby 'Planning and Delivering New Garden Cities'
                                                                1. local planning authorities responsible for leading way, planning ahead, unlocking land, securing funding for infrastructure
                                                                  1. New home bonus is public money. I am not sure if CIL and planning for local people counts as public money or not.
                                                                  2. Long term plan
                                                                    1. invest in peoples environment, 'healthy places healthy faces' (or something catchy referring to people?)
                                                                      1. reduce NHS costs, prevent ill health before it occurs
                                                                        1. stats : over past 50 yrs public spending on NHS has risen from 3.4% to 8.2% of GDP
                                                                          1. Over the next 50 years (2062) this will rise to 20%
                                                                            1. reference : Appleby,J., Spending on health and social care over the next 50 years: Why think long term?, pl The King's Fund, London, 2013.
                                                                          2. Canadian Public Health Association study (2012) costs 27 times more to achieve a reduction in cardiovascular mortality through clinical intervention than it does to achieve the same results through local public health spending
                                                                          3. examples
                                                                    2. Popular
                                                                      1. Show how local support for new city could be secured and demonstrated
                                                                        1. How interests of local community protected
                                                                          1. Show how residents be persuaded that benefits would exceed costs.
                                                                            1. cost estimations
                                                                              1. New city verses regeneration costs
                                                                                1. carbon costs
                                                                                  1. regeneration more cost effective to environment
                                                                              2. they will be in control of what is happening
                                                                                1. Local decision making local empowerment - use communities local knowledge and interests to investigate how benefits of green infrastructure can be exploited in their neighbourhood
                                                                                  1. Link to Experiential mapping
                                                                              3. Experiential mapping
                                                                                1. Explained
                                                                                2. Reduces cost of living
                                                                                3. Give Residents a sense of their own. Popular by putting back sense of place.
                                                                              4. Judges Accomplishments: Osborne- authored " Britain's historic buildings: a policy for their future use" Mittermaier - "1.5b pounds Elephant & Castle regeneration project in central London" Pidgley - "voted Britain’s Most Admired Company in 2011 across all sectors and has been ranked the UK’s most sustainable major housebuilder for each of the last seven years."
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