F1-3: Functions and Relations

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Math 10-1

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F1-3: Functions and Relations
1 Definitions
1.1 Relation
1.1.1 a rule that associates the elements of one set with the elements of another set
1.2 arrow diagram
1.2.1 used to represent a relation
1.3 function
1.3.1 a relation where each element in the first set is associated with exactly one element in the second set
1.4 domain
1.4.1 the set of first elements in a relation
1.5 range
1.6 function notation
1.6.1 notation used to show the independent variable in a function
1.7 rate of change
1.7.1 the change in one quantity with respect to the change in another quantity
1.8 linear function
1.8.1 a linear relation whose graph is not a vertical line
1.9 vertical intercept
1.9.1 also known as the y-intercept, is the y-coordinate of a point where a graph intersects the y-axis
1.10 horizontal intercept
1.10.1 also known as x-intercept, is the x-coordinate of a point where a graph intersects the x-axis
1.11 discrete data
1.11.1 Enter text here
1.12 continuos data
1.13 set
1.14 element
2 Representing relations
2.1 words
2.2 ordered pairs
2.3 table of values
2.4 mapping or arrow diagrams
2.5 graphs
3 Important symbols
3.1 { }
3.1.1 "the set of"
3.2 I
3.2.1 "such that"
3.3 E
3.3.1 is an element of
3.4 {{xIxER}}
3.4.1 set of x is such that x is an element of the real number system
3.5 <
3.5.1 less than
3.6 ≤
3.6.1 less than or equal to
3.7 >
3.7.1 Greater than
3.8 ≥
3.8.1 Greater than or equal to
3.9 open bullet
3.9.1 indicates up to but not including
3.10 closed bullet
3.10.1 this denotes up to and including
3.11 arrow
3.11.1 indicates the direction and that the line continues on indefinitely

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