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Revision Notes On Egypt

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1 Occupation
1.1 Ottoman empire in decline
1.1.1 GB don't want other countries to get it fear threatening their interests
1.2 Suez canal
1.2.1 Large GB investement GB banks loaned Egypt Enormous loans 1000 miles railway built Schools 1863-1879 debt 3M - 100M Interest rate 7%-20%
1.2.2 Building finished 1869
1.3 Economic advice
1.3.1 Requested by Ismali Of GB + Fr
1.3.2 Cave report Two problems Ignorance, dishonesty of East Poor economic managment Resources sufficient if managed properly
1.3.3 1878 Anglo-French rescue plan GB+Fr government officials control economy Fr government GB Economy Dual control 1878-1882 Tax on food + goods foreign loans interest rate to 5% Restored financial stability But increased unemployment
2 Nationalist uprising
2.1 1882 under Arabi Pasha
2.1.1 Wanted an end to Anglo french control
2.1.2 Law + order had collapsed
2.1.3 11th June riot in Alexandria 50 Europeans died GB government order formal control Royal Navy + Army bombard Egypt 1882 rebellion crushed GB take full control France annoyed Take troops out of Sudan 1884
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