Life In Ancient Rome

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Created by michaeloc1998 almost 6 years ago
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Life In Ancient Rome
1 The greatest collection of Roman artefacts came from the city of Pompeii
2 People within Ancient Rome
2.1 Patricians...Rich and powerful Romans who controlled the government
2.2 Slaves...People that were owned by the rich Patricians
2.3 Plebeians...Very poor Romans
2.4 Gladiators...Men who fought either each other or other animals in the arena
3 Places in Rome
3.1 Villa...House of a Patrician
3.2 Forum...The marketplace at the centre of Rome
3.3 Insulae... Block of flats in which Plebeians lived
3.4 Catacombs... Underground cemeteries
3.5 The Pantheon...A temple within Rome dedicated to all Roman Gods
3.6 The Baths...Aqueducts carried water from the mountains to supply the baths
4 Roman Gods
4.1 Jupiter...The father of the gods
4.2 Mars...The god of war
4.3 Juno...The wife of Jupiter
4.4 When Rome became an Empire the emperors claimed to be gods
5 Roman Entertainment
5.1 Chariot races were often held in Circus Maximus
5.2 Gladiators fought in the Colosseum
6 How they affected us
6.1 We still use the Roman Albhabet
6.2 Many languages originate from Latin
6.3 Our calendar and the names of the months are based on the Roman calendar
6.4 The planets are named after Roman Gods

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