health and social care behavioural factors mind map

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drugs, alcohol, smoking, diet, exercise

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health and social care behavioural factors mind map
1 illegal drugs
1.1 physical effets
1.1.1 abnormalities of co-ordination speech patterns disorientation
1.1.2 cravings sugar and drunk food
1.1.3 sleep disturbances
1.1.4 dramatic weight loss
1.1.5 withdrawal symptoms lack of energy sickness
1.2 social effects
1.2.1 loneliness and isolation
1.2.2 financial problems
1.2.3 work performance drop leading to unemployment
1.2.4 lack of intrest in acgivities
1.2.5 may resort to crime
1.3 psychological effects
1.3.1 anxiety, depression and paranoia lead to suicide
1.3.2 may experience guilt low self-esteem self-loathing
1.3.3 reduced emotional control mood swings anxiety reactions
1.3.4 blackouts or halucinations
1.3.5 make bad descisions leading to unemployment or
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