Treaty of Versailles

Matthew Scammells
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GCSE History Mind Map on Treaty of Versailles, created by Matthew Scammells on 01/22/2014.

Matthew Scammells
Created by Matthew Scammells over 5 years ago
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Treaty of Versailles
1 Reperations
1.1 132 billion gold marks (£6.6 Billion)
2 Blame
2.1 Germany was responsible for causing all the loss and damage caused by the war.
3 The Army
3.1 restricted to 100,000 men.
3.2 No Airforce
3.3 Only allowed six battleships
3.4 No Submarines
4 Land
4.1 Rhineland
4.1.1 Disarmed
4.2 Polish corridor
4.3 Alsace-Lorraine

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