The Online World Learning Aim A

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Created by 10woodt3206 over 5 years ago
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The Online World Learning Aim A
1 services
1.1 exampul for each
1.2 elephants called roger carry great danger especially violent behaviour
1.3 business-barcleys
1.4 education-my maths
2 advertising
2.1 social media
2.2 web banner advertising
2.3 pay per click
2.3.1 affiliate model
2.4 pop-ups
2.5 email
2.6 serch engians
3 online documents
3.1 + and -
3.2 upload
3.3 download
3.4 algorthims
3.5 zip
3.6 version control
3.7 permissions
4 online storage
4.1 cloud
4.2 + and -
5 ubiquitous computing
5.1 + and -
5.2 RFID
6 online communication
6.1 key terms
6.1.1 chat people who can talk to each other
6.1.2 virtual world a space that has been genorated by a computere chip to stoor data and display it
6.1.3 profile a place were you can store data about your self or othere people
6.1.4 network of frends a group of frends thaty are connectit and can tork to each other
6.1.5 netiquette the correct or acceptibul way of using the internet
6.2 information exchange
6.2.1 instant messaging you send (some one) a instant message
6.2.2 VOIP voce over the internet protical
6.2.3 wikis a place that has information about one serton subject you seach and need to know about put on by someone who new it but any one can edit this and cann add info to it
6.2.4 weblogs (blogs) a log of what has been posted wen thay were postid and why and updating online journal
6.2.5 microblogging posting small but clear mesoges of what you have been doing or what you need to do
6.2.6 chatrooms a room were people can tork to each other online real time info
6.3 VLE
6.3.1 moodel
6.4 online communities
6.4.1 people who are nown as frend or relotives
6.5 podcasting
6.5.1 seting up vidios of your self or otheres and trying to get as meany vews as you can by posting vidos of something you think of a hoby or songs or vidios that you can downlowd
6.6 social networking
6.6.1 network of frend how can chat to eachother
6.7 advantig
6.7.1 businesses work
6.7.2 cheap
6.7.3 real time
6.7.4 share info
6.7.5 talk to people arount the world
6.8 disadvantig
6.8.1 bulleing
6.8.2 Reliability
6.8.3 no emoshion
6.8.4 security
6.8.5 ever one can see your messages
6.8.6 viroses
6.8.7 Quolloty

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