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1 Immune Response
1.1 Phagocytosis
1.1.1 recognise foreign anitgen/bacteria
1.1.2 form Phagocytic Vacuole
1.1.3 lyszome enzymes secreted into vacuole
1.1.4 bacteria/antigen gets hydrolysed
1.1.5 antigen may get used for antigen presentation
1.2 T-Cells
1.2.1 Helper T-Cells Stimulate B-Cells to secrete antibodies Stimulate Cytoxic T-cells to kill abnormal cells
1.2.2 T-Memory Cells Remember Antigens person was exposed to
1.3 B-Cells
1.3.1 Complementary to one antigen
1.3.2 Clonal selection- selection of correct antibody Divide into plasma cells and antibodies are secreted
1.3.3 B-Memory cells remember complementary antibody for the antigen
2 Types of Response
2.1 Cellular
2.1.1 T-Cells & other immune system cells e.g. Phagocytes
2.2 Humoral
2.2.1 B-Cells and clonal selection (production of antibodies)
3 Primary & Secondary Response
3.1 Primary
3.1.1 Slow response No T-memory cells No B-memory cells
3.1.2 Some T & B Memory cells produced
3.2 Secondary
3.2.1 Faster Memory cells are present from primary response Faster clonal selection Faster and more anitbodies produced
4 Types of Immunity
4.1 Active
4.1.1 Natural - immune after catching a disease
4.1.2 Passive - Immune after vaccination
4.2 Passive
4.2.1 Natural - baby getting antigens from mother
4.2.2 Artificial - injection of antibodies produced by someone else
5 Antigenic Vriation
5.1 Same Bacteria different antigen
5.1.1 Slower immune response
5.1.2 Primary Response for each strain
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