Robert Cecil First Earl of Salisbury

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Robert Cecil First Earl of Salisbury
1 Family life
1.1 He was the son of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley and Mildred Cooke. His half-brother was Thomas Cecil and Francis Bacon was his cousin.
1.2 Cecil married Elizabeth, the daughter of William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham in 1589.
1.3 Their son, William Cecil was born in Westminster on 28 March 1591. He succeeded his father as Earl of Salisbury.
2 Working life
2.1 Salisbury was made Secretary of State following the death of Sir Francis Walsingham in 1590.
2.2 Became the leading minister after the death of his father in 1598, serving both Queen Elizabeth and King James as Secretary of State.
2.3 Baron Cecil 1603
2.4 Viscount Cranborne 1604
2.5 Ear of Salisbury 1605
3 Gunpowder Plot 1605
3.1 Cecil orchestrated the whole plot?
3.1.1 Convince James I that Catholics were not to be trusted?
3.1.2 Catholics should once and for all be thrown out of the country?
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