Weimar- 1919-1923

Matthew Scammells
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GCSE History Mind Map on Weimar- 1919-1923, created by Matthew Scammells on 01/25/2014.

Matthew Scammells
Created by Matthew Scammells almost 6 years ago
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Weimar- 1919-1923
1 1919
1.1 The Spartacists Uprising
1.1.1 Rosa Luxemburg
1.1.2 Karl Leibknecht
1.1.3 50,000 Spartacists rebelled in Berlin
1.2 Communist workers' councils seized power all over Germany
2 1918
2.1 The Armistice
2.1.1 Signed in November 1918 The Ones who signed the surrender terms where labelled "The November Criminals
2.2 Germany Bankrupt
3 1920
3.1 Kapp Putsch
3.1.1 Led by the right-wing nationalist Dr Wolfgang Kapp The army refused to attack him; he was only defeated when the workers of Berlin went on strike.
3.2 after the failure of the Kapp Putsch, a Communist paramilitary group called the Red Army rebelled in the Ruhr.
4 The crisis of 1923
4.1 Hyperinflation
4.1.1 Prices ran out of control - eg a loaf of bread, which cost 250 marks in January 1923 had risen to 200,000 million marks in November 1923. German's currency became worthless.
4.1.2 People collected their wages in suitcases.
4.1.3 One person, who left their suitcase unattended, found that a thief had stolen the suitcase but not the money.
4.1.4 One boy, who was sent to buy two bread buns, stopped to play football and by the time he got to the shop, the price had gone up, so he could only afford to buy one.
4.1.5 However, some people benefited from this... Some people made fortunes during the crisis. One man borrowed money to buy a herd of cattle, but soon after paid back his loan by selling one cow.

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