Ray Bradbury ("The Rocket") by: Sujeeth Jayaraman, Imran Haidery, Alvin Peng

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Ray Bradbury ("The Rocket") by: Sujeeth Jayaraman, Imran Haidery, Alvin Peng
1 Writing Style
1.1 Character Development
1.1.1 Bradbury shows many human characteristics such as jealousy, bitterness, etc to show how it affects one's choices "'When you tell your amazing trip to her, over the years, won't bitterness gnaw at her?'"(Bradbury 268) Bramante, carries Bradbury's understanding of the human emotions and characteristics to the reader.
1.1.2 Dialogue is used as a way to develop characters "'You have ruined us... Our money used for this - this thing. When it should have been spent on equipment'"(Bradbury 275). Maria originally cared about Bodoni, but through this dialogue, Bodoni's actions have made Maria to change and to speak out against him.
1.2 Narrator
1.2.1 Does not seem like a character
1.2.2 only explains the story, has no opinion
1.3 Figurative Language
1.3.1 not really deep or sophisticated
1.4 Word Choice
1.4.1 not sophisticated
1.4.2 most of his words are used the show a mood or develops a scene "Now, this very night, he stood half naked in the darkness, watching the fire fountains murmuring in the air. The rockets on their long wild way to Mars and Saturn and Venus!"(Bradbury 267).
2 Characters
2.1 Fiorello Bodoni
2.1.1 Poor
2.1.2 Melts metal for a living
2.1.3 A good father
2.1.4 Enjoys escaping the reality of his current situation
2.1.5 Cares about his children more than himself
2.2 Maria (Wife of Bodoni)
2.2.1 pregnant
2.2.2 cares for Bodoni and her children dearly
2.3 Bramante
2.3.1 hardened over the years
2.3.2 does not believe in change
2.3.3 believes that the money Bodoni has saved for a rocket ticket will only bring jelousy
2.3.4 Thinks the world is biased toward the rich
2.4 Paolo
2.4.1 knows the best for the family
2.4.2 not selfish
2.5 Antonello
2.5.1 Son of Bodoni
2.6 Lorenzo
2.6.1 Oldest son of Bodoni
2.7 Miriamne
2.7.1 Daughter of Bodini
3 Autobiographical elements
3.1 As a child Bradbury was fascinated with magicians, so the illlusion that Bodoni created for his children may have been inspired by this point in life
4 Theme
4.1 Family is the most important part of life
4.2 You don't have to have a lot of money to be happy
4.3 Be content with what you have
4.4 Opportunity to only one will bring envy to others
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