increase in spectator sport

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GCSE history (sport) Mind Map on increase in spectator sport, created by eleanordaisy on 01/29/2014.

Created by eleanordaisy over 5 years ago
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increase in spectator sport
1 Leisure
1.1 only wealthy had time off at first
1.2 nobody could afford holidays
1.3 wages increased
1.4 more bank holidays, 6 days off
2 sport
2.1 had there own team
2.1.1 rivals between fans
2.1.2 support own team
2.2 merchandice became popular
2.2.1 intreagued children
2.2.2 created money for teams play more matches
3 Radio
3.1 created in 1920
3.2 mass production made them cheaper
3.2.1 everybody had them
3.3 could follow sports
3.4 wireless sets meant they could listen to programmes on the go
3.5 played different programmes
3.5.1 football commentary
4 TV
4.1 40-200 mile transmitter from alexandrea palace
4.1.1 transmitter grew, more people could watch sport
4.2 cost £100
4.2.1 mass production meant it became cheaper everybody could afford one
4.3 small balck and white
4.3.1 colour improved more people became intreasted
4.4 could watch sport from the comfort of there own home
5 Transport
5.1 railways
5.1.1 trains became fasteer
5.1.2 everywhere connected
5.2 busses
5.3 horse and cart
5.4 bikes
5.4.1 became more comfortable
5.4.2 cheaper

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