weimar republic

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weimar republic
1 treaty of versailles
1.1 had to pay £6600 million
1.2 had to accept blame for the war
1.3 lost 10% of industrial land
1.4 lost 15% of agricultural land
1.5 Air force had to disbanned
1.6 army only allowed 100000 soldiers
1.7 only allowed 15000 sailors in the navy
1.8 only allowed 6 battleships and no submarines
1.9 LAND
1.9.1 Eupen Denmark
1.9.2 danzig league of nations
1.9.3 memel Lithuania
1.9.4 saarland league of nations
2 economic problems
2.1 hyperinflation
2.1.1 who suffured pensioners Enter text here
3 Armed rvolts
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