The Weimar Republic

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Created by elliemayxx over 5 years ago
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The Weimar Republic
1 1923 the invasion of the Rhur
1.1 French troops marched in because Germany couldnt pay the reparations
2 Hyperinflation
2.1 Stresemann
2.1.1 New currency
2.1.2 Challenges and Recovery
2.1.3 Economy The Dawes plan Occupying the Rhur The Kapp putch War Reperations
3 The Munich Putch
3.1 Hitler marched into a Bar near to the Hopfbrough house in Munich and held everyone captive.
3.1.1 Three Men asked Ludendorf to phone their wives but they phoned the police.
4 Treaty of Versailles
4.1 Signed on the 18th July 1919
4.1.1 Lost 100,000 men No Airforce 6 battleships no subs Rine land demilitarised Alsacelorraine returned to France The Saar given to france for 15 years

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