China's One Child Policy

Ashley Harbron
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AS - Level geography (Population) Mind Map on China's One Child Policy, created by Ashley Harbron on 04/15/2016.

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China's One Child Policy
  1. Reasons
    1. They wanted to avoid a Malthusian type disaster
      1. could only raise living standards if population growth was controlled
      2. 1950-1959
        1. People encouraged to have children
          1. Idea that large population was a strong one
            1. SUCCESSFUL
              1. 1959 - serious famine, 20 million died
              2. 1974-1979
                1. People encouraged to have fewer children
                  1. 'Later, Longer, Fewer'
                  2. UNSUCCESSFUL
                    1. BR hardly changed
                    2. 1979-1990
                      1. One child policy introduced
                        1. Strong pressure to use contraception.
                          1. Special family-planning workers
                            1. 'Granny police'
                              1. Enforced abortions and sterilisations
                                1. SUCCESSFUL (URBAN)
                                  1. EFFECTS: female infanticide. couples wanted sons as they could provide for family.
                                2. 1990s
                                  1. policy relaxed
                                    1. concerned about the impacts of an ageing population
                                      1. still incouraged in remote areas
                                      2. 2006
                                        1. Annual growth rate fallen to 0.6%
                                          1. fertility rate still 1.6
                                            1. long term goal is still to stabilise the population growth by 2050
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