Intro to Communication 101

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Intro to Communication 101
1 Week 2 - Module 2
1.1 The Communications Fields
1.1.1 Conversation analysis: reveals communication patterns, and tells us what kind of people are likely to communicate a certain type of way.
1.1.2 Symbol interaction: the analysis of symbol use in different cultures and the role they play in communication
1.1.3 Attribution analysis: sheds light on personality traits based off of communication patterns
1.1.4 Performance analysis: analyzes how people pick and choose their identities from day to day
1.1.5 Audience analysis: used to see whether messages are viewed differently by different groups of people
1.1.6 Media studies: examine how communication through different media platforms can alter the message flow
1.2 Communication theory
1.2.1 Behavioral paradigm: focuses on predicting and controlling communication behaviors
1.2.2 Interpretive paradigm: focuses on understanding and explaining communication styles
1.2.3 Critical paradigm: focuses on critiquing or changing communication styles
1.3 Behavioral theories
1.3.1 Seeks generalizable knowledge about communication patterns
1.3.2 Small groups are usually examined and analyzed
1.3.3 A hypothesis about communication styles is tested
1.4 Interpretive theories
1.4.1 Not generalized
1.4.2 Often times attempt to understand specific cultures from a naturalistic setting
1.4.3 Some of the fields that use interpretive theory are art history, sociology, folklore and many more
1.5 Critical theory
1.5.1 Includes both inductive and deductive reasoning
1.5.2 Aim for "action-oriented" research
1.5.3 These theorists tend to critique race, class, gender or sexual orientation
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