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Question Answer
What forces drove Europeans to exploration? 1. Economy - Find sea route to the spices of Asia (to prevent meat from spoiling by drowning meat in salt and spices) 2. Economy - Find gold & silver 3. Control - To control larger empire 4. Curiosity
Why was England relatively slow to explore and to settle the New World? 1. Unlike Spain, England still had political & religious problems 2. Spain had total power over Europe & America
What European beliefs and attitudes governed their relations with the Native Americans? Europeans beliefs conflicted with the Native Americans' beliefs. 1. Land Ownership - NA believe that land belongs to everyone, Europeans believe in exclusively owning lands. 2. Religion - NA had no Christian belief, Europeans did.
How did the European and Native American concepts of land differ? 1. NA had no concept of property ownership whilst European did 2. NA practiced barter, European practiced mercantile
What was the impact of the disease on Native American population? The NA population decreased rapidly as they had no immunity to the diseases (yellow fever, malaria, small pox) that Europeans brought to the New World
How did the Protestant Reformation influence the colonization of the western hemisphere? 1. By leading to the creation of new national Protestant churches 2. Lutherans was the largest Church 3. Rivalry in New World - Protestant Holland & England vs. Catholic Spain & France 4. Through reformation, smaller groups broke out (eg. Puritans who came to New World for religious freedom)
Why was private exploration prominent in England and what were the consequences? 1. Privateering (private person/ship to attack foreign vessel) - Can have wealth & children can buy seat in House of Commons 2.
What problems confronted the English settlement? 1. Harsh winters 2. Insufficient food 3. No knowledge on how to grow food 4. Mosquitoes
What was a proprietary colony? Any colony that's granted to an individual/group by the British Crown and were granted full rights of self government (Maryland & Pennsylvania)
What's the Colombian Exchange? Exchange of good between Old World & New World as a result of Columbus' voyage. 1. Europe --> Americas: Bananas, oranges, daffodils, malaria, small pox 2. Americas --> Europe: Corn, peanuts, sunflower, syphilis