The role of education; Functionalism + the New Right

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The role of education; Functionalism + the New Right
1 Functionalists perspective on edu
1.1 Durkheim; 2 functions-solidarity+skills
1.1.1 Society needs a sense of solidarity-people feel part of a community (not be selfish) =Edu transmits culture (beliefs+values) school-a society in mini, preping us for wider society Eg cooperating with other people
1.1.2 Edu teaches specialist knowledge +skills needed to play their part in the social division of labour
1.2 Parsons meritocracy
1.2.1 School is the focal socialising agency-acts as a bridge between family+wider society as they operate on different principles Family-child status-ascribed (fixed) Society judges everyone by same universalistic+impersonal standards Same laws Society-status is acheived
1.3 Davis+Moore; role allocation
1.3.1 Inequality is necessary to ensure the most talented fill important roles Society offers high rewards for these roles=competition+selection Edu provides a ground for ability Individuals can show what they can do The most able gain the highest qualifications
1.4 Eval
1.4.1 Evidence shows that equal opportunity don't exist
1.4.2 Davis+moore put forward a cicular argument (a job is important because it is highly rewarded+it is highly rewarded because it is important)
1.4.3 Marxists-edu-transmts ideology of ruling class
1.4.4 Functionalists have an over-socialised view of people as mere puppets Pupils dont just accept all they are taught
2 New rights perspective on education (favour marketisation of edu)
2.1 Same as funcs-believe some are naturally more talented, favour edu system with competition+preping children for work+believe edu should instil culture
2.1.1 Key difference New Right don't believe edu system is acheiving these goals
2.2 Politicians, etc. use their power to impose there view The state takes a 1-size-fits-all approach+consumers have no say
2.2.1 Bad schools are not answerable to their consumers=low standards=less qualified workforce+less prosperous economy Solution=marketisation; Competition to empower consumers Greater diversity, choice+efficiency
2.3 Chubb+Moe; believe American state edu needs marketisation
2.3.1 Disadvan groups-badly served by state edu Failed to create equality+teach pupils needed skills Private schools-better as they are answerable to parents Based on; comparing acheivement of 60,000 pupils from state+private schools+parent surveys+case studies Low income pupils do better in private edu
2.3.2 Propose a system in which families given a voucher for a school of their choice=competition
2.4 2 roles for state; to impose framework for competing schools+ensure schools transmitt culture(national curriculum)
2.5 Eval
2.5.1 Class inequality as MC have advan (cultural+economic capital)
2.5.2 Low edu standards result of social inequality +inadequate funding not state control
2.5.3 Contradiction-parental choice but imposed national curriculum
2.5.4 Marxists argue edu imposes not culture but culture of ruling class
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