Economic Perestroika

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Russian history

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Economic Perestroika
1 The encouragement of joint ventures - 1987
1.1 January
1.2 allowed foreign business to be established
1.3 1990 = first McDonald's in Moscow
1.4 hoped this would open USSR to more modern technology
2 The Law of State Enterprises - June 1987
2.1 allowed loosening of state control over wages and prices
2.2 allowed elements of election and choice in managers
2.3 factories given right to produce what they liked once state targets had been met
3 Co-operatives legalised in 1988
3.1 allowed small-scale enterprises to be established
3.1.1 set their own prices
3.2 Gorbachev able to partly disguise the move to a more market based economy
3.3 term co-operatives appealed to more conservatives elements in the party
4 January 1987 = launch of Perestroika = economic reconstructing
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