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1 data can be
1.1 numbers
1.2 words
1.3 images
1.4 sound
1.5 video
3 cata can be
4 infomation
5 verifcation
6 data can be
6.1 images
6.2 words
6.3 sound
6.4 video
7 infomation
7.1 comes from the prosessing the data
7.1.1 proforming calculations
7.1.2 by adding a meaning
7.1.3 organizing it in someway
7.1.4 drawing a graph
8 verfication
9 validation
10 Data can be
10.1 word
10.2 number
10.3 images
10.4 sound
10.5 video
11 infomation
11.1 comes from prosessing the data
11.1.1 Proforming calacluations
11.1.2 by adding meaning
11.1.3 organazing it in someway
11.1.4 drawing a graph.
11.2 gives knowledge by applying rules
11.3 will be incorrect if the data imput is incorrect (GIGO)
12 verifaction
12.1 visual check
12.1.1 carefully reading what has been typed
12.1.2 check againsted the document used as the source
12.1.3 ensure there is no typing errors
12.2 double entry of data
12.2.1 data is typed twice
12.2.2 accsepted of both versions are the same
12.3 parity check
12.3.1 used when data is tranfered using a network
12.3.2 checkes to see if data is currupted if it is then the data is resent
13 validation
13.1 preformed by a computer program
13.1.1 check if data is reasonable and allowable
13.1.2 uses rules
13.1.3 rejects certain data
13.1.4 cannot eliminate all errors
13.2 validation checks
13.2.1 range check
13.2.2 format checkes
13.2.3 presence checks
13.2.4 check digits
13.3 validation checkes for groupes of documents
13.3.1 hash totals batch total
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