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- the structure of triglycerides and phospholipids as macromolecules - Esterification and breakage of ester bonds - How functions relate to properties in living organisms

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1 Triglycerides
1.1 Structure
1.1.1 Macromolecules
1.1.2 Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
1.1.3 1 molecule of Glycerol and 3 Fatty Acid chains attached
1.1.4 They have long, fatty acid, hydrocarbon 'tails' Tails are hydrophobic Lipids are insoluble Hydrocarbon tail varies
1.2 Ester Bond
1.2.1 Ester bonds form between the glycerol and fatty acid by a condensation reaction Esterification
1.2.2 Hydrolysis reactions can break the bonds
1.3 Fatty Acids
1.3.1 Saturated No double bonds between Carbon atoms
1.3.2 Unsaturated At least one double bond causes kink
2 Phospholipids
2.1 Macromolecules
2.2 Similar structure to triglycerides but have a phosphate group instead of a fatty acid
2.3 Phosphate group is hydrophilic and tail is hydrophobic
3 Functions
3.1 Triglycerides
3.1.1 Hydrocarbon tails contain loads of chemical energy, which is released when they are broken down
3.1.2 Good energy storage molecules for animals and plants
3.1.3 They are insoluble because of the hydrophobic tail and the formation of insoluble droplets. Prevents water entering
3.2 Phospholipid
3.2.1 Make up the phospholipid bilayer in cell membranes Acts as a barrier to water-soluble substances
3.2.2 Double layer of hydrophilic heads facing out and hydrophobic heads facing in
3.3 Cholestrol
3.3.1 Small and flattened shape Fit in between phospholipid molecules
3.3.2 Bind to hydrophobic tails and pack more closely Less fluid and more rigid
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