2D HCP Journey of the Child

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HCP - Group 2D 20.04.16

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2D HCP Journey of the Child
    1. CAMHS – Is there flexibility/room to challenge and change the model?
      1. Is it in the contract?
        1. Timescales on Tendering
          1. Measures need to support innovation
            1. Identification of key partners – Needs to be shared
              1. How in the community involved strong voice from Young people’s parents.
                1. Commissioning to need not contract/contract activity based
    2. RISKS
      1. Have the organisations got the same vision?
        1. Conflicts of Interest
          1. Smaller organisations to align to all potential lead providers or they miss out
            1. Uncompetitive tender process
              1. Timescales may not support innovation
                1. Different organisational cultures
                  1. Losing a organisation unique selling point intellectual property confidentiality
      2. Collaboration
        1. Identify the Journey of the Child – Group 2D
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