The Twins by Militza De Hostos

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The Twins by Militza De Hostos
1 Exposition
1.1 Adam and Alice got married. Alice got pregnant with twins. Celled Amie and Katie. 3 years later they got divorced and Amy went with her father to Hawaii and Katie with her mother to Miami. In their childhood years they both learned and loved to play volleyball.
2 Raising Action
2.1 Parents get divorced and because of this, the twins got separate.
3 Climax
3.1 Amie and Katie talked after the game and swapped numbers.
4 Falling Action
4.1 When Adam called the number and Alice picked up.
5 Resolution
5.1 They resolved their problems and started going out so the family would be together again.
6 Characters
6.1 Protagonist: Amie and Katie
6.2 Antagonist: Nana
6.3 Secondary: Adam and Alice
7 Setting
7.1 Hawaii - Amie
7.2 Miami - Katie
7.3 Orlando AAU (ESPN)
8 Point of View
8.1 Third Person
9 Theme
9.1 Reunite Family
10 Conflict
10.1 Parents divorced and separation of the twins
11 Atmosphere
11.1 Happiness
11.2 sadness
11.3 loneliness
12 Mood
12.1 Emotional
12.2 Happy
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