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A small mindmap on inheritance.

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  1. Defined as a relationship between objects that share characteristics
    1. I.e. -- a new class, aka subclass, is created from an existing class (superclass) by absorbing its state and behavior.
      1. The subclass INHERITS characteristics of its superclass.
      2. In code, the relationship is specified in the declaration of the subclass, using the keyword "extends".
      3. Works by hierarchy
        1. See the following chart:
          1. Person
            1. Student
              1. GradStudent
                1. UnderGrad
                2. Employee
                3. The relationship between classes is called an "is-a" relationship.
                4. Subclasses can only inherit from a superclass. Subclass cannot inherit from another subclass, and a superclass cannot inherit from a subclass.
                  1. A subclass may inherit the public/protected variables and methods of its superclass, as well as have additional methods and instance variables not in the superclass as well.
                    1. Subclasses can redefine the method it inherits as well.
                      1. I.E. Gradstudent and undergrad may use different algorithms for computing the course grade by changing the computeGrade method inherited from Student.
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