henry the 8th

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henry the 8th
1 Anne Boleyn
1.1 1533-1536
1.1.1 Anne was accused of being unfaithful with other men (although henry had no proof) beheaded wife number 2 Elizabeth 1st
2 Catherine of Aragon
2.1 1509-1533
2.1.1 when she reached her 40s henry founder boring and old divorced wife number 1 Mary
3 Jane Seymour
3.1 1536-1537
3.1.1 died from infection after birth died wife number 3 Edward 6th
4 Anne of Cleves
4.1 1540-1540
4.1.1 henry saw a beautiful painting of anne of cleaves and immediately wanted to marry her although when he actually met her he described as a fat (flanderds mare horse divorced wife number 4 none living
5 Catherine Howard
5.1 1540-1542
5.1.1 Catherine had many serious boyfriend before henry. It was aid in those times that a queen should not have a past like this beheaded wife number 5 none living
6 Katherine parr
6.1 1543-1547
6.1.1 henry died during katherine and his marriage from untreated diabetes survived wife number 6 none living
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