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A-Level History Mind Map on Crusades, created by Rebecca Johnstone on 05/05/2016.

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1 Provenance
1.1 Nature
1.2 Origin
1.3 Purpose
1.4 audience
1.5 message
1.6 balance
1.7 Tone
1.8 Attitude
2 Authors of sources
2.1 Galbert de Bruges
2.1.1 Flemish Cleric and Chronicler
2.2 Baldric of Bourgueil
2.2.1 An abbot, wrote from EWT
2.3 Gibert of Nogent
2.3.1 Benedictine historian, knew the crusaders personally and talked to them about their experiences
2.4 Albert of Aachen
2.4.1 Contemporary Historian, never went on the Crusades but relied on interviews with returning crusaders
2.5 Anna Comnena
2.5.1 Alexius' daughter, Not an eye witness, bad relations with father but brought up on crusader propaganda
2.6 Raymond of Aguilers
2.6.1 A Chronicler, went on the crusades as chaplain to Raymond IV of Toulouse
2.7 William of Tyre
2.7.1 Grew up in Jerusalem at the height of the kingdom, tutor of Baldwin IV (the future king of Jerusalem
2.8 Fulcher of Chartes
2.8.1 Was a priest that went on the crusades, served Baldwin I of Jerusalem and wrote a chronicle of the crusade, wants to get people to come join the Holy land
2.9 Bernard of Clairvaux
2.9.1 Monk that was sainted, very invested in religion
2.10 Robert the monk
2.10.1 Was a chronicler of the First crusade although he did not participated, gave an account of the council of Clermont
2.11 Walter the Chancellor
2.11.1 A French crusader and author
3 build up to the crusades
3.1 Papacy
3.2 Investiture contest
3.3 events that sparked
3.4 motives for launching
3.5 who went on the crusade
3.6 motives for going
3.7 primogeniture
3.8 important people on the crusades
3.9 people's crusade
3.10 Alexius
3.11 Muslim world
4 aftermath
4.1 Muslim response
4.2 After Jerusalem
4.3 Kings of jerusalem
4.4 Principality of Antioch
4.5 The county of Edessa
4.6 the county of Tripoli
4.7 the country governed
4.8 Family links to the west
4.9 Muslim unity
4.10 Castles
4.11 Military orders
5 the crusade
5.1 Nicea
5.2 Dorylaeum
5.3 Edessa
5.4 Antioch
5.5 Holy Lance
5.6 Bohemond's
5.7 Relations with Byzantium
5.8 papacy losing control of the crusades
5.9 Latin East
5.10 Jerusalem
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