Treatment of Jews

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The Nazi treatment of Jews Pre-1939 and Post-1939

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Treatment of Jews
1 1933-39
1.1 Boycott of Jewish owned shops
1.2 Banning from public areas
1.3 The Nuremburg Laws
1.3.1 Denied citizenship
1.3.2 Jews could not marry Aryans
1.4 Jews were banned from professions
1.5 Businesses were taken over by Aryans
1.6 Kristalnacht
1.6.1 Burning temples
1.6.2 Smashed shops
1.6.3 20,000 Jews arrested
1.6.4 91 Jews killed
1.6.5 Had to pay fines
1.7 Changes to lives
1.7.1 Register properties
1.7.2 Couldn't work for Aryans
1.7.3 "J" stamped on passport
1.7.4 Add "Israel" or "Sarah" to name
2 1939-45 - The War Years
2.1 Ghettos
2.2 Decide on Final Solution
2.2.1 Jews were forced to dig graves then were shot
2.2.2 Gassed
2.2.3 Burnt bodies - by Jews
2.2.4 Kept possessions
2.3 Jews in the Reich had to wear a star
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