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Ecology Terms
1 Ecology - the study of the interactions between living things and their environment
2 Biosphere - the part of the planet containing living things
3 Ecosystem - a group of organisms that interact with their environment as a unit
4 Habitat - the place where an animal or plant lives
5 Population - all the member of the same species living in an area
6 Community - all the different populations in an area
7 Abiotic factors - non living factors
8 Edaphic factors - factors relating to soil
9 Producers - organisms that carry out photosynthesis
10 Consumers - organisms that take in food from another organism
11 Food chain - a sequence of organisms in which one is eaten by the next member of the chain
12 Trophic level - a feeding stage in a food chain
13 Food web - two or more interlinked food chains
14 Pyramid of numbers represents the number of organisms at each trophic level
15 Niche - the role an organism plays in the community
16 Nutrient recycling - the way in which elements are exchanged between living and non living components of the ecosystem
17 Competition - when organisms actively struggle for a resource that is in short supply
18 Intra-specific competition - competition between members of the same species
19 Inter-specific competition - competition between members of different species
20 Contest competition - An active physical contest between two organisms
21 Scramble competition - competing organisms get some of the resource
22 Predation - the catching, killing and eating of another organism
23 Predator - an organism that catches, kills and eats another organism
24 Prey - an organism that is eaten by a predator
25 Parasitism - one organism (parasite) obtains its food from another organism (host)
26 Symbiosis - When two organisms live in close association and at least one benefits

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