How Far Did US Society Change in the 1920s?

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How Far Did US Society Change in the 1920s?
1 What Were the 'Roaring'Twenties?
1.1 There was a brief economic recession at the start of the 1920s
1.1.1 But, as the decade moved on, the economy boomed and America began the age of consumerism
1.2 Culture
1.2.1 Many Americans wanted to enjoy themselves as much as they could by perhaps listening to the new jazz music, or doing the new dances such as the charleston and the black bottom.
1.3 Consumerism
1.3.1 By 1928, just about 20% of all Americans had cars.
1.3.2 The car was cheap; mass production had dropped its price to just $295 in 1928. The same car had cost $1200 in 1909.
2 How Widespread Was Intolerance in US Society?
2.1 For many Americans, the 1920s was a decade of poverty. Generally, groups such as African-Americans, women and farmers did not enjoy the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties.
2.2 Black people were offered very little jobs and the ones they were given were the oneswhhite people didn't want to do
2.3 Similar to black people, ethnic minorities and immgrants were also looked down apon and were given very little job opportunities
3 Why Was the Prohibition Introduced and Later Repealed?
3.1 Why it was Introduced?
3.1.1 The Prohibtion push started in the Southern more religous states by women who had been divorced due totheir husbands drinking their money away
3.1.2 Anti-German feelings were high and beer was seen to come mainly from Germany
3.2 Why it was Repealed
3.2.1 The law was largely ignored
3.2.2 People continued to drink at speakeasies run by gangstars
3.2.3 Widespread corruption in law enfrocement
3.2.4 Gangstars were richer than ever
3.2.5 Too small police force to deal with bootleggers and gangstars
4 How Far Did the Role of Women Change in the 1920s?
4.1 Women were allowed to go out in public and dance at clubs
4.2 Women wore short skirts and new fashion items
4.3 They were allowed to smoke, drink and kiss freely

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