The solar system

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changes in ideas about the solar system

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The solar system
1 our solar system is built up of a star and all the planets and astroids orbiting.
1.1 They rotate the sun in a slightly elongated shape
1.1.1 Ellipses
1.2 however we haven't always known this
2 The acient greeks thought the earth was the center of the universe and everything orbited around us
2.1 This is known as the Geocentric Model
2.2 this was accepted till the 1500s
3 in the 1600s the heliocentric model was introduced and is still believed today.
3.1 This is were all the planets orbit the sun and moons orbit planets
3.2 This model was introduced by copernicus
3.3 This theory was accepted until Galileo proved the theory with his 4 moons
4 Galileos four moons proved copernicus to be right as it showed that not everything orbited the sun as, Galileo spotted 4 moons orbiting jupiter
5 as technology has improved so has the understanding of our universe
6 visible light
6.1 detecting waves tell us alot about the universe
6.1.1 some waves detected like stars are huge, hot and far away. However the visible light they give off allows us to see them
6.1.2 we can see planets because they reflect the sunlight
6.2 many great discoveries were found looking through the naked eye
6.2.1 however there so small through the human eye that we can only map them.
6.3 telescopes magnifies objects so we can see them in more detail
6.3.1 photographs show us observations in detail, it also allows us to compare data

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