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1 who was involved/the big 6
1.1 triple entente
1.1.1 GB
1.1.2 France
1.1.3 Russia
1.2 allies
1.2.1 Italy
1.2.2 Germany
1.2.3 Austro-Hungry
2 assets and weaknesses
2.1 Germany
2.1.1 assets guns very reliable and safe has lots of money good trade biggest and best trained army good navy big steel production aggressive nature and tactics of kaiser willhelm kind of wants war
2.1.2 weaknesses guns only held 5 bullets near water prone to GB navy
2.2 GB
2.2.1 assets best navy good trade has lots of money good weapons fast and more ammo controls med. sea good steel production on an island trained army
2.2.2 weaknesses guns very fragile size of army is very small
2.3 France
2.3.1 assets good guns, sturdy bigger army than most quite trained army
2.3.2 weaknesses guns prone to explode army isn't completely up to shape
2.4 Russia
2.4.1 assets bigger army than others huge pop. more expansion for army
2.4.2 weaknesses not much money or trade has a threat from inside/revolutions
2.5 italy
2.5.1 assets=none
2.5.2 weaknesses very small army tiny steel productions barely any trade and money terrible navy political and domestic insatbability
2.6 Austro-Hungry
2.6.1 assets not near sea/not prone to GB
2.6.2 weaknesses size of army is small small steel production less soldiers than Russia, main enemy
3 reasons for war
3.1 add Serbia killed Hier to Austro-Hungry and everyone wants a bigger empire
4 causes
4.1 fight for empires
4.2 blank check
4.2.1 unconditional support from G to A.H
4.3 alliances
4.4 German agression
4.5 bulkan troubles
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