Unit 5 Folk Literature

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This is my Pearson Unit 5 Folk Literature project.

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Unit 5 Folk Literature
  1. Analyzing Structure and Theme
    1. Repetition
      1. Adds a pleasing rythym to a story
      2. Patterns
        1. The story structure often follows a familiar and regular pattern.
        2. Symbols and Theme
          1. A person, place, or object that represents something behind its literal meaning.
          2. Stated and Implied Theme
            1. Themes in folk literature are expressed in many different ways.
            2. Simple Diction
              1. An author's choice of words, phrases, and sentence structure.
              2. Common Themes in Folk Literature
                1. Folk Literature has several unique charcteristics that contribute to the development of the theme.
                2. Archetypes
                  1. An element that recurs regularly in literature.
                3. Oral Tradition in print
                  1. Fables
                    1. Brief Stories or poems that teach lessons.
                      1. "Slow and Steady Wins the Race."
                    2. Folk Tales
                      1. Stories that deal with heroes, adventure, magic, or romace.
                        1. Jack and the Beanstock
                      2. Myths
                        1. Fictional tales that explore the actions of gods and heroes and explain why things are a certain way.
                          1. Chewing Gum will stay in your stomach for 7 years.
                        2. Legends
                          1. Traditional, familiar stories about the past.
                            1. "Buried Alive"
                          2. Folk Songs
                            1. The ideas, values, feelings, and beliefs of a culture in musical form
                              1. "This Land Is Your Land."
                          3. Elements of Folk Literature
                            1. Purposes
                              1. Teach an Important life lesson
                                1. Explain something in nature
                                  1. Entertain of amuse
                                  2. Themes
                                    1. Universal
                                      1. Express insights about life that can be understood by people of most cultures.
                                      2. Culturally Specific
                                        1. Reflect local customs and beliefs
                                      3. Forms
                                        1. Folk Tales
                                          1. Fairy Tales
                                            1. Fables
                                              1. Wise Sayings
                                                1. Folk Songs
                                                  1. Myths
                                                    1. Legends
                                                  2. Characteristics of Folk Literature
                                                    1. Personification
                                                      1. Type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics.
                                                        1. The fire swalloed the entire forest.
                                                      2. Irony
                                                        1. Involves surprises, unexpected events, and interesting or amusing contradictions.
                                                          1. Verbal, Situation, and Dramatic
                                                        2. Dialect
                                                          1. Form of language spoken by people of a particular region/group.
                                                            1. English
                                                          2. Hyperbole
                                                            1. Exaggeration that is often used to create a comic effect
                                                              1. I ate so much at Thanksgiving, I must weigh more than a whale
                                                            2. Fantasy
                                                              1. Writing that is highly imaginative and contains elements not found in real life.
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