Spanish Civil War Causes

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Spanish Civil War Causes
1 Long-term causes
1.1 Weakness of gov.t
1.1.1 Once a constitutional monarchy
1.1.2 Power held by wealthy oligarchs = gov.t has no power
1.2 Role of Spanish Army
1.2.1 very powerful
1.2.2 intervened in politics if crisis occured intervened in 1936 = war Army conservative and Africanists nationalist and traditional
1.2.3 bad reputation with the people brutal, ineffective (lost Spain's colonial assests) and expensive Social tension - middle/upper class defended military interests as dominated jobs as officers and generals
1.3 Role of Church
1.3.1 Catholic Church wealthy and powerful used influence to support social, economical and political conservatism aristocracy = close bonds to church as funded church = church defended interests of upper class =resentment among poor and urban workers
1.4 Economical
1.4.1 agriculture main source of employment work seasonal = peasants had to move around to get jobs most peasants live in abject poverty
1.4.2 Industrial modernisation and reform workers = low wages, long hours and bad working conditions Trade unions formed could not achieve anything substantial employers could always find alternative labour legal means = workers resorted to violent uprising
1.5 Regional
1.5.1 struggle between centralist state and Catalonia and Basque wanted independence increase tension = divisions in society
2 Short-term causes
2.1 Left republic (1931-33)
2.1.1 Manuel Azana = president
2.1.2 Church limited their power no longer in control of education state payment stopped
2.1.3 Army offered early retirement to officers was expensive remaining members of army were conservatives and nationalists army radicalised
2.1.4 Economic Agriculture prices tumbled wine and olive exports fell unemployment land redistributed (<7,000 families had benefitted Industrial iron and steel production fell
2.1.5 Catalonia given own parliament and some power RW angered by change saw as way towards breaking up Spain opposed reforms: sometimes with violence saw change as threat
2.2 Right Republic (1933-36)
2.2.1 1933 elections = swing to reight
2.2.2 New gov.t ruled for 2 years reversed work of Left Rep
2.2.3 Catalonia attempted to resist interference autonomy suspended after Austrian miners' uprising 1934
2.2.4 RW: lost support of Basques (now LW)
2.2.5 Gil-Robles CEDA President Caballero demanded shift to authoritarian approach suggest CEDA was Spanish Nazi Party
2.3 Popular Front (1936)
2.3.1 RW disintegrated co. + political situation deteriorated
2.3.2 anti-fascist pact made by LW groups way to uphold democracy (others saw it associated with Stalin)
2.3.3 Anarchists encouraged peasants to seize power increase violence conflict between groups
3 Immediate Causes

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