The priority activities & objectives of the Center for 2016

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Kharkiv Tourism Development

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The priority activities & objectives of the Center for 2016
  1. Activation and systematic information & promotional activities
    1. Popularization of tourism potential of the Kharkiv region in the Internet & social networks
      1. Development and promotion of tourism brand in domestic & foreign markets in the Internet & social networks
        1. Development of new promotional & informational materials (booklets, guidebooks, souvenirs)
          1. New tourist information points
          2. Improving organizational & methodological work
            1. Development of new tourist routes with maximum use of historical & cultural potential
              1. Popularization of these tours
              2. Extension proposals of various types of tourism
                1. Attracting more members of the tourism industry to participate in the activities of center
                  1. Organization of informational tours
                    1. Carrying out teaching activities (seminars, workshops) on topical issues
                      1. Support innovative forums & events
                        1. Development of tourism (youth, children, for socially unprotected people, immigrants, orphans & others)
                          1. Advanced training of specialist of tourist escort, guides
                            1. Further realization of projects: "Slobozhanshchina path of legends", "Slobozhansky souvenir."
                            2. Activation of cooperation with universities that train specialists for the tourism industry:
                              1. Involvement of active students as volunteers in projects of the TIC
                                1. Student support of tourism projects
                                  1. Promotion & establishment of professional associations
                                    1. Improving the effectiveness of the representatives of the tourism business
                                      1. Organization & conduction of educational & methodical activities, info, press & FAM-tours
                                      2. Improving the investment climate in the Kharkiv region
                                        1. Identification & promotion of investment attractive tourist & recreational facilities area
                                          1. Participation in international projects & programs that attract grants
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