Hitler becomes Dictator - 2nd August 1934

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How Hitler came to Dictatorship.

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Hitler becomes Dictator - 2nd August 1934
1 Elimination of Political opposition 1933-1934
1.1 The Reichstag Fire, 1933
1.1.1 -Blames Communists and passes the 'Protection of the People and the State' law which allowed Hitler to arrest anyone suspected of opposing the government. Stopped freedom of expression, personal liberty and took control of press.
1.1.2 Lead to Hitler arresting many of the opponents. Many were afraid to vote because of the SA. Prominent Socialists and Communists were arrested
1.2 March 1933 elections
1.2.1 Won over Centre Party after promising to protect the Catholic church.
1.2.2 The Nationalists were prepared to support Hiter.
1.2.3 SA intimidated opposition so Nazis would gain more seats Reichstag members passed Enabling act, only socialists vote against. Nazis can do whatever they want.
1.2.4 Using the state of emergency declared by the President, Hitler stopped the Communists from taking their seats.
1.3 Between May and July, all other parties became banned. Using the Enabling Act, Hitler passed a law against the formation of any other parties.
1.4 May 1933. Trade Unions, which contained many communists, were closed down. Replaced by the German Labour front. Nobody could protest aagainst Hitler.
1.5 July 1933. Hitler signs agreement with Pope - Concordat. Catholics would not interfere with catholicism in German. Gave Hitler international prestige.
2 Elimination of the SA
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