Roman public health measures

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Roman public health measures
1 Water
1.1 Taken from springs in the country side
1.2 Taken to the towns and cities by aquaducts
1.3 Resiviours helps to settle out dirt and allow the water to be distributed
2 Distribution of water
2.1 Water is then transported through pipes
2.2 Fountains
2.3 Baths
2.4 Private households
2.5 Waste water is used to keep the sewers clean
2.6 Toilets
3 Regulation realting to public health
3.1 Water commissions were appointed to make sure the system was working properly
3.2 In times of drought privet supply of water was rationed
3.3 Dead bodies had to be buried outside of the town or city
3.4 Baths were very cheap to use
4 Why were they able to have large public health schemes
4.1 They has a large slave workforce
4.2 The roman empire wanted public health
4.2.1 To keep the army healthy
4.2.2 To keep the population happy
4.3 The empire was wealthy
4.4 The empire was effciently controlled they had time to build public health schemes (peace)
5 How successful was Roman public health
5.1 Some towns and cities were cleaner places but not all
5.2 This helped to prevent sickness but did not stop sickness

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