Solidarity of Poland

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Notes and descriptions of events between 1980 and 1983 in Poland when solidarity came about.

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Solidarity of Poland
1 POLAND 1980
2 Food and fuel shortages
3 Shipyard workers of Gdansk went on strike
4 Their leader was local plumber Lech Walesa
5 Word got around and soon there were nationwide strikes throughout Poland - 9million strikers
6 Created first free Trade Union in USSR
7 POLAND 1981
8 New leader General Jaruzelski
9 Imposed Marshall Law - military rule by military authorities (army rules carried out by the army)
10 Solidarity declared illegal
11 Thousands were arrested (including Walesa)
12 POLAND 1982
13 Pope Paul II met Ronald Reagan for a meeting
14 They wanted to destroy communism in Poland
15 Reagan poured money into solidarity
16 Pope encouraged Catholics in Poland to speak out
17 Catholic Priests were informants for the CIA - if people confessed to them, they would tell the West
18 Walesa was imprisoned but this made him a hero and solidarity carried on
19 November he was released from prison
20 POLAND 1983
21 Walesa won the Noble Peace Prize

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