Microbial Interactions

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Microbial Interactions
  1. associates with other organisnm
    1. Ectosymbiosis
      1. microorganism remains outside the other organism
      2. Endosymbiosis
        1. microorganism is found within the other organism
        2. Ecto/endosymbiosis
          1. microorganism lives both on the inside and the outside of the other organism
        3. physical associations
          1. intermitten
            1. cyclic
              1. permanent
              2. mutualism
                1. obligatory association
                  1. provides reciprocal benefit to both partner
                2. protocooperation
                  1. mutually beneficial relationship : not obligatory
                  2. commensalism
                    1. microbes benefit, but host neither harm nor helped
                      1. microbes shares same food with host
                      2. predation
                        1. attacks prey
                          1. microbes eg. : cause lysis
                            1. Bdellovibrio
                              1. Vampirococcus
                                1. Daptobacter
                                2. aquatic : need cilliates
                                3. parasitism
                                  1. one organisms (parasites) benefits from another (host)
                                  2. ammensalism
                                    1. organism releases a specific compound that harms another organisms
                                    2. competition
                                      1. different organisms compete the same resources
                                        1. competitive exclusion principle : 2 population overlap, 1 is excluded
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