William The Conqueror

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Created by hconnellan over 6 years ago
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William The Conqueror
1 Who Should be King?
1.1 Harold Hadraada
1.2 Harold Godwinson
1.3 William of Normandy
2 Battle of Stamford Bridge
2.1 English versus the Vikings
2.1.1 Harold Godwinson
2.1.2 Harald Hadraada
3 Battle of Hastings
4 Bayeux Tapestry
4.1 Latin
4.2 Norman perspective
4.3 Shows Battle of Hastings
5 Feudal System
5.1 The order of society
5.1.1 Who has power? King Barons Peasants
5.1.2 Power given by God Divine Right
6 Castles
6.1 Why they had them?
6.1.1 They made him look powerful and he could house his barons!
6.2 What were they made of?
6.2.1 Wood - quick and cheap
6.2.2 Stone later e.g Tower of London
7 Doomsday Book
7.1 Tracks the population and who owns the land
7.1.1 Taxes

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