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1 Background
1.1 Born in 1879 to a reltively well-off Jewish family of independent farmers.
1.2 At beginning of century, joined a revolutionary group.
1.2.1 Soon exiled to Siberia due to political radicalism.
1.3 1902 - Joined Lenin and other Marxists in London.
2 Revolutionary record
2.1 Established in 1905 revolution.
2.2 St Petersburg Soviet (Nov 1905) - organised a general strike among St Petersburg workers.
2.3 1917 - won support from the Communists during period Oct. Rebolution was planned.
2.3.1 Masterminded the Communists seizure of power and was responsible for communist rule. Leadership and restructuring of the Red Army (Civil war 1918-21)
3 Relationship with Lenin
3.1 1903 - sided with the Mensheviks, rejecting Lenin's belief in a disciplined, secretive politcal party.
3.1.1 Returned to Russia in 1917 - joined Communists
3.2 Saw eye-to-eye over the issue of restoring discipline to the Red Army.
3.3 Acted as Lenin's principle Lieutenant. Lenin said 'no better Communist'.
3.3.1 'The most able man to present Central Committee'
3.3.2 'Too far-reaching self-confidence.'
4 Appeal within Party
4.1 Heroism in 1905, 1917 and Civil War - support of many young Communists as well as Red Army.
4.2 Not a typical Communist - Enemies within the party.
4.2.1 Most Western and most Urban. Alienated Trotsky
4.2.2 Resented way joined party late - had Lenin's trust as well as important positions.

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