King John, the barons and the Magna Carta

Rosie Donovan
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Rosie Donovan
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KS3 History Mind Map on King John, the barons and the Magna Carta, created by Rosie Donovan on 06/06/2016.

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King John, the barons and the Magna Carta
  1. King John took to the throne in 1199
    1. the barons had problems with him since the beginning of his reign
      1. the barons had two choices
        1. they could overthrow him and replace him with someone else-but who?
          1. make him do what they wanted
            1. the barons wanted a charter, signed by him which would guarantee certain rights and freedoms.
              1. they knew they would have to get the king into a position where he had no choice but to sign
                1. the barons chose Robert Fitz Walter as there leader
                  1. they put together an army to occupy London. King John couldnt raise an army without the support of the barons, so he had to negotiate with them
                    1. on june 19th 1215 after holding out for four days, john decided to meet the barons at Runnymede, near windsor.
                      1. he signed the charter, in return the barons agreed to be loyal
                        1. King John didnt like the charter one bit
                          1. in 1216 he died
                            1. his successor was his son, 9 year old Henry
                              1. because he was so young, William marshall ruled for him
                                1. together with the most powerful barons, they reissued the charter and was signed by themselves and henry
                                  1. King Henry lll hated the Magna carta he had signed when he was a child
                                    1. he distrusted the barons and they distrusted him
                                      1. henry felt the provisions of Oxford has taken away too much of his power
                                        1. the leader of the barons, simon de Montford, threatened war against henry if he didnt accept them
                                          1. although he signed the provisions, henry started to raise an army to fight the barons
                                            1. in 1264 he was ready for war but was defeated at the battle of Lewes
                                              1. henry and his son(Prince Edward) were taken prisoner
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