Plains Indians Mindmap

Ellen Laidlaw
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GCSE History Mind Map on Plains Indians Mindmap, created by Ellen Laidlaw on 02/21/2014.

Ellen Laidlaw
Created by Ellen Laidlaw over 5 years ago
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Plains Indians Mindmap
1 Great Plains
1.1 Vast area of grassland and rivers
1.2 Prairie grass
1.3 Extreme Climate
1.4 Wildlife including buffalo
1.5 Plains Indians 'Nomads'
1.6 Rocky Mountains in West
1.7 Black Hills in North were sacred - close to Spirit world.
1.8 Woodland (Hills) near Mississippi
2 Indians Life on the Plains
2.1 Tipi's suited to nomadic lifestyle
2.2 Warrior societies made decisions on hunting and warfare
2.3 Councils - Men would make important decisions.
2.4 Customs and Traditions - shamed in front of band if crime committed.
2.5 Chiefs - Not elected, chosen because of their wisdom, spiritual power and leadership qualities.
3 Indian Warfare
3.1 'Counting Coup'
3.2 Taking Scalps and mutilation
3.3 Small raids
3.4 Steal horses and take captives
3.5 Measured wealth in horses.
3.6 More casualties in hunting than warfare.
3.7 Practised Polygamy so women would have a male to look after them if husband died in battle.
4 Indian Religion
4.1 Believed Spirits influenced their lives.
4.2 Wakan Tanka
4.3 Every person had a spirit.
4.4 Illness caused by evil spirit entering you.
4.5 Believed in Circle of Nature.
4.6 Visions to contact Spirit world individually.
4.7 Dances and ceremonies e.g. Sun Dance
4.8 Land was sacred
4.9 Medicine Man

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