Public Heath 1350 - present day

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Public Heath 1350 - present day
1 London Sewer Systems
1.1 The Great Stink
1.1.1 During hot weather in 1858 the Thames water level was low meaning that the smell of the exposed sewage was 'unbareable' so the government took action becuase they could not meet at parliament
1.1.2 The thames smelt due to the high content of sewage
1.2 How They Were Built
1.2.1 Oval shaped tunnels
1.2.2 Constant slope
1.2.3 About 1100 miles long
1.2.4 Used tide to take water to sea
1.2.5 Built pump to bring water back up
1.3 Draw backs
1.3.1 Cost
1.3.2 Time
1.4 Effects
1.4.1 Improved Health
1.4.2 London could cope with high rainfall
1.4.3 Removes smell
1.4.4 Proved cholera was water born
2 Problems
2.1 Epidemics
2.2 High Death Rate
2.3 Little Infrastructure
2.4 Poor Housing
2.4.1 Back-to-Back Housing
2.4.2 Overcrowding
2.5 Lack of investment
3.1 Why was it introduced?
3.1.1 Medical services were required due to war
3.1.2 To cope with civilian casualties
3.1.3 Supply soldiers with healthcare
3.1.4 Provide a better standard of healthcare
3.2 Opposition
3.2.1 Huge costs
3.2.2 British Medical association Represented proffesional doctors Opposed becuase doctors would lose money
3.2.3 Local authorities who ran hospitals 3000 hospitals in britain would be nationalised The people who ran them didn't like this
3.3 Costs
3.3.1 The government had to add charges for prescriptions in 1951
4 Prevention and Education
4.1 NHS
4.1.1 Improved sanitation + Healthcare
4.2 Private companies
4.2.1 Some people use private healthcare Private healthcare such as dental practises and doctor surgeries
4.3 Health Education
4.3.1 1962, The Royal College of Physicians called for a ban on tobacco advertisement
4.3.2 Government began taxing cigarettes heavily
4.3.3 Since 1971 packets have had health warnings
4.3.4 In 2004, it was reported that 1 in 6 people die as a result of smoking
4.4 Preventative Developments
4.4.1 Developments in vaccinations such as Jonas Salk's polio vaccine in 1952
4.4.2 Government campaign and laws on health issues such as smoking
5 Government Action between 1848 - 1878
5.1 1848 Public Health Act
5.1.1 Set up a general board of health + organised the removal of rubbish and construction of sewer systems
5.2 1866 Sanitary Act
5.2.1 All towns had to appoint inspectors to check water supplies and drainage
5.3 1875 Public Health Act
5.3.1 Local authorites given powers to enforce regulations on water supplies and sanitation
5.4 1878 Public Health Act
5.4.1 This consolidated existing laws
6 Obstacles faced to get public health introduced
6.1 Money
6.2 People drank ale becuase water was polluted
6.3 Water supply couldnt keep up with growing population
7 Life expectancy
7.1 On average - 47 years old
7.2 The rich and professionals (Doctors etc) lived longer

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