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1 Forebrain
1.1 Neoplasia
1.1.1 Primary Glioma meningioma
1.1.2 Secondary to mets
1.1.3 treatment Sx- for primary cases Steroids- relieve inflammation
1.2 Hydrocephalus
1.2.1 New born
1.2.2 Non progressive
1.2.3 rule out infectious then sit on it
1.3 FIP/FeLV/Toxoplasma
1.3.1 Young animal
1.4.1 Diagnosis MRI!? CSF tap Pure terrier breed Young
1.4.2 Treatment Tapering does of steroids Base reduction of use on acute phase proteins
1.5 trauma
1.5.1 Often accompanied by other signs
1.5.2 First aid Manatol (osmotic diuretic) Dexamethasone Keep the neck in a nutralposition No hypertonic fluids
1.6 Signs
1.6.1 Seizures
1.6.2 Altered behaviour
1.6.3 Decreased consciousness
1.6.4 Blindness contralateral
1.6.5 Ipsilateral head turn
1.6.6 Ipsilateral circling
1.6.7 Contralateral sensory deficis
1.7 Confirmation of forebrain disease
1.7.1 PLR vs Meace RESPONSE! CN 2 Intra vs extra cranial
1.7.2 Head tilt vs head turn Forebrain vs vestibular
2 Brain stem
2.1 Cranial nerve 5
2.1.1 Dropped jaw idiopathic trigeminal neuritis Resolves sponaneously on supporting jaw Lymphoma Rare!
2.1.2 Nerve root tumor
2.1.3 Signs Loss of facial sensation Masticator muscle atrophy
2.1.4 Vs masticatory mostitis Clammed jaw Biopsy temporal muscle
2.2 Cranial nerve 7
2.2.1 Poly neuropathies
2.2.2 Idiopathic Routine work up of exclusion Routein blood work Thyroid test for dogs Neurological exam Schmir tear test Usually normal Examine ear canal Tx keep lips clean Random schimir tear tests
2.2.3 Cerebro pontine angle tumor
2.2.4 Oitis interna and media
2.2.5 Signs Dry eye Pilocarpine supplimentation in food? Facial drooping Paralysis of the face
2.3 Cranial nerve 8
2.3.1 Thiamine deficiency History of anorexia Reduced apatite Rapidly progressive vestibular signs Loss of oculocephalic reflex Responds to thiamine supplimentaion
2.3.2 Otitis media and interna Tx Long an high does AB's External ear tx Surgery?
2.3.3 Cerebro pontine angle
2.3.4 Idiopathic
2.3.5 Signs Head tilt Ataxia Strabismus Falling to the affected side V+ Nystagmus
2.3.6 Metronidazole toxicity Acute onset Central vestibular signs Stops 3-4 days post metronidazole being stopped
2.4 Cranial nerves 9 and 10
2.4.1 Polyneuropathies
2.5 Signs
2.5.1 Decreased Proprioception
2.5.2 CN signs
2.5.3 Decreased mentation
2.5.4 Death
2.6 CN 3,4 and 6
2.6.1 PLR
2.6.2 Strabismus
2.6.3 Abnormal eye movemet
3 cerebellum
3.1 Signs
3.1.1 Ataxia
3.1.2 Inteion tremors
3.1.3 Hypermetria
3.2 Cerbella hypoplasia
3.2.1 young animals
3.2.2 Static condition
3.2.3 Diagnosis Wait and see if it progresses MRI?
3.3 Inherited disorders of metabolism
3.4 Inflammatory diseases
3.4.1 Idiopathic cerebellitis Young Small terriers Acute onset Confomation on response to treatment DIazepam and steroids, should improve day 7-10
3.4.2 GME
3.5 Infectious isease
3.5.1 FIP Young animals
3.6 Neoplasia
3.7 Vascular
4 Symetrical fore brain
4.1 Causes
4.1.1 Toxic
4.1.2 Metabolic
4.1.3 Hepatopathies/porto systemic shunts
4.1.4 Electrolite distrubances
4.1.5 Hypoglycemia
4.1.6 Hypo/hyperthyoidsism
4.1.7 Cushings Of pituitary origin
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