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  1. Trait Perspective
    1. People are born with distinct characteristics
      1. Behaviour=Function of Personality
        1. B=F(P)
        2. Does not account for the fact behaviour is not always predictable and that it can change with the environment.
          1. Two theories in Trait perspective are Personality types and Narrow Ban Theory Type A and Type B (Girdano)
          2. Personality Types
            1. Neurotic
              1. Slow recovery from stress
                1. Experience high levels of stress
                2. Unpredictable mood
                  1. Have extreme and unpredictable emotions due to mood swings
                3. Stable
                  1. Displays predictable emotions in situations
                    1. Don't normally experience extreme stress
                    2. Predictable Moods
                      1. Rapid recovery from stress
                    3. Extrovert
                      1. Gets on well with other people
                        1. Low sensitivity of the RAS (reticular activating system)
                        2. Outgoing and sociable
                          1. Becomes aroused slower than introverts
                        3. Introvert
                          1. Shy and reserved
                            1. More quickly aroused than introverts
                            2. Prefer isolation
                              1. High sensitivity of the RAS
                          2. Narrow Band Theory
                            1. Type A
                              1. Highly Competitive
                                1. Works Fast
                                  1. Strong desire to succeed
                                    1. Likes control
                                      1. Prone to suffer stress
                              2. Non-competitive
                                1. Works more Slowly
                                  1. Lacking in desire to succeed
                                    1. Does not enjoy control
                                      1. Less prone to stress
                              3. Social Learning Perspective
                                1. This theory says that all behaviour is learned
                                  1. Behaviour=Function of Enviroment
                                    1. B=F(E)
                                    2. Bandura made this theory and though leaning occured through 2 processes
                                      1. Behaviour being imitated through observation
                                        1. New behaviour is made by obseravation but only with social reinforcement
                                          1. These methods are enforced more when
                                            1. Role model is powerful/authoritive
                                              1. Observer and role model are the same gender
                                                1. When the observer wants to adopt new norms
                                                  1. When the observer is observing someone of significance
                                              2. Interactionist Approach
                                                1. New psychologists prefer this theory
                                                  1. Based on Hollander's work
                                                    1. 3 levels
                                                      1. Psycological Core
                                                        1. Thought to be the true self and is stable as well as relatively constant
                                                        2. Typical Responses
                                                          1. Changeable and are learned. Modify as the person responds to the situation
                                                          2. Role Related
                                                            1. Most changeable and is dynamic.
                                                          3. Behaviour= Function of Personality X Enviroment
                                                            1. B=F(EXP)
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