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1 Background Information
1.1 Beginning and ending of US colonization:
1.1.1 1942
1.1.2 1776
1.2 Colonists of USA were European until the Declaration of Independence
1.3 Independence of the 13 British Colonies (present-day USA) sparked other independence wars across the Americas
1.4 Independence movements began in 1760s and ended in 1820s, and involved most of North and South America
2 What is meant by The Americas?
2.1 Similarities between all American countries
2.1.1 Same alphabet
2.1.2 Achieved independence at (roughly) same time
2.1.3 Predominantly Christian
2.2 Geographic isolation
2.2.1 From each other: by mountain ranges
2.2.2 From rest of the world: by two oceans
2.3 Indigenous population
2.3.1 Forms majority in some places
2.3.2 Largely wiped out in some places
2.4 13 British Colonies became most powerful and largest state
2.4.1 Holds influence over the rest of the Americas
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